Monday, 28 March 2011

DK X Factor - The Final!

The final is here - hooray! I had always wondered why the DK X Factor's stage was small, compared to the one here in Britain. Now I know why - they saved the best for last, and it really was the best! Half of Denmark turned up to see their favourites battle for the top prize in a massive stadium, and didn't seem to mind standing up for most of the show. The host looked more Grecian than Nordic in that stunning dress which was made even more spectacular with the hairstyle she chose than night (I love Danish designers!). Even the contestant's entry theme was 'rocked up', and the judges sipped on wine as opposed to water during the performances - why don't they do the same here? Simon Cowell, you once said that you would like the UK finals to be held at the Wembley Stadium; why haven't you made that happen?

The finalists were Sarah (Denmark's Ellen DeGeneres), Babou (Denmark's Justin Bieber), and Annelouise (Denmark's Kate Moss), but I would have liked to see Patricia - much as I love Annelouise, I didn't think that she would ever be in the final. I also think that Rasmus was robbed - I miss the funny way he pronounces English words! Speaking of rejects, in true X Factor tradition, some of this series' most memorable contestants sang on stage, and compared to their British counterparts who sang "Bad Romance" last year, they weren't that bad. Perhaps they could work on their vocals and come back next year. The other live show contestants sang a techno version of "Time of My Life" and the judges joined them on stage, although I wish Pernille had sang along!

British band Take That returned - complete with Robbie Williams - to sing what has now become their unofficial X Factor anthem "The Flood". That's right, they sang the song twice during last year's UK X Factor, as well as on the Italian version. The band also got the chance to sing "The Kidz" which was banned by Simon Cowell on the British version because the shields carried by the extras were reminiscent of last year's London riots;  it was feared that the performance may have caused offence.  I don't understand why Robbie's voice is often criticised, I think he sounded great, and I'm glad that unlike the time he performed "Bodies" on UK X Factor 2009, he behaved himself!

Babou sang "All the Right Moves" as if his life depended on it, bless him. He also looked good in that suit, and while I think that he dressed properly for a change, isn't that sort of styling a tad too old for him?  Just as I was beginning to wonder what had happened to annoying pop band Aqua, they made an appearance on the show to sing with Babou. Soren and Claus are obviously older but look hotter than ever! Lene, on the other hand, is still getting on my nerves. Seriously Lene, what were you thinking when you wore that weird ear-to-nose jewellery? And don't get me started on Rene! Nevertheless, they blended very well with Babou. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get him into the final two position; didn't the batteries die on his teenage fan-base's mobiles?

I never thought that the Danish Kate Moss would be in the finals, in fact I thought she would voted off last week. I kept asking myself "Does she deserve to be in the final?", and I have to say that the answer is "yes".  Her rendition of "Breathe Me" was excellent, in fact I don't think I've ever heard her sound this good. I was also happy that she was teamed up with an equally quirky but equally beautiful singer called Fallulah, who had an equally beautiful voice, if not better, but sang off-key in certain parts. Annelouise stunned her hardest critics that night, including myself, and although I miss Patricia, I'm glad that Annelouise made it that far.

Sarah's "Poker Face" was dull. I'm sorry, but the rock intro didn't work, and not even the techno session in the middle couldn't help her - what would Lady GaGa say? However, she more than made up for it when she sang "Shall We Be Grateful" with Danish rock band Carpark North. The lead singer said "Fuck" live on air - Danes say "Fuck"? Personally, I think Sarah should be even more careful the way she choses her songs. Apart from that, she rocks! Or is that techno-rocks?

As with most of the other contestants, Sarah and Annelouise sound even better when singing in their mothertongue, and although I'm not a Danish speaker, the song "Min Ojesten" - which means "My Darling" - sounded beautiful, although I think Annelouise sang it better, and based on that performance alone she should have won. Unfortunately there could only be one winner, and that winner was... (Drumroll) ...Sarah! Congratulations Sarah, and don't forget me when you're rich!

What an amazing two months it has been. This blog is still quite new, but in a short time I have received a lot of support from readers all over the world, particularly from the country that produced Lars Ulrich, Helena Christensen, Hans Christian Andersen and Carlsberg (Carlsberg don't do blogs, but if they did, they'll probably be the best blogs in the world!). Of course, Denmark also gave us Brits Whigfield and Aqua, but never mind, I forgive you. Thank you for the nice things you've all said, and here's to the next DK X Factor...

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tak og Gud velsigne

Bond - Jemma Bond xxx

P.S. - If you see Claus Lillelund from Series Two, tell him I think he's a hottie!

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