Friday, 2 September 2011

Jessie Wallace

She waited a long time to find her Prince Charming, and when he finally arrived everybody was happy for her. At last she was with a man who wanted her for just her, as opposed to her money or fame, or both. She was famous as Kat Moon in Eastenders, a role she made her own while he owned a catering business. She waited for the day she would walk down the aisle, exchange those vows, and live happily ever after. She had put all of her heart and soul into those dreams, so she expected nothing but the best. And who could blame her?.

Unfortunately, not all dreams come true. On Sunday, we Brits woke up to the tabloid news that Jessie Wallace's fiancé had been having an affair with an ex, with whom he exchanged naughty pictures via phone including a 'private' shot of Jessie, while claiming that he and his wife-to-be were breaking up. At the same time, he and Jessie had posed for OK! Magazine and declared their undying love for each other. Make up your mind, dude. Did you want to marry Jessie, or didn't you? The whole situation was a dilemma for Jessie, but while most people loath having their private lives splashed across the tabloids, I believe that The Star did Jessie a favour.

I'm glad that Jessie cancelled her wedding on the day they were actually supposed to get married; serves him right. If you think that cancelling a wedding is expensive, try divorce. And who can blame her? Yes, it hurts to find out at the eleventh hour, but what if she hadn't found out at all? By dumping him very publicly, she has shown that she is a strong woman (unlike a certain former X Factor judge), and she will get through this. Shame on all those who sent her hate mail simply because she acted with a great deal of sense - why should she talk it over with him when the damage is well and truly done? He had no respect for the relationship and definitely no respect for her when he decided that Jessie wasn't enough for him. In fairness he has defended Jessie by stating that none of it was her fault, and he's right. Which man who is truly in love dreams of anything as tacky as a threesome?

Jessie will get through this.

PS - If you readers must take nude pictures, make sure they're headless!

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Tony Giles said...

I'll take your advice on the pictures ;-)

Sad isn't it? Especially those idiots who send her messages for doing the right thing. I'll never understand people.