Monday, 6 June 2011

Ryan & Imogen - A Disgrace!

If you were born with beauty - eye-catching beauty that makes men go completely gaga and women envious - you truly are lucky. If you were both with brains, then you are even luckier (Yes, you might disagree with me, partly because these days the media seem to pay more attention to exterior as opposed to interior, but it should be noted that with time, looks fade).  If, however, you are one of the lucky few to be blessed with beauty and brains, you truly are a rare gem. After being forced to see her plastered on every single magazine cover which feature articles of her whining like a spoilt brat who refuses to accept that her predicament was her fault, it is clear which category former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas falls into - beauty without brains.
Any girl with more than at least two braincells - attractive or plain -  possesses enough common sense to understand that a married man is totally out of bounds. I don't care if cracks were showing on the walls of Ryan Giggs' marriage; he was still married, which meant that until he announces a separation from his wife he is a no-go area. Ryan did not announce any separation; he chose to hold on to his golden boy image whilst playing the dotting father/husband, and parading his two young children in front of loyal fans at post-match celebrations, with his wife standing by her husband. A husband who probably spent more time away from home than he spent with her. What we all didn't realise was that behind the good guy image was a hypocrite, who made a living off his good guy image. Imogen fell for him, knowing that he was married, and had an affair which was reportedly "more than just sex". She's right, it wasn't just sex - it was money, because as soon as she realised that the relationship was not going in the direction she wanted, Imogen threatened to sell her story (What is it with these glamour models who 'shag-and-sell'?), and promptly blackmailed Ryan for £50,000. Classy.
And to think that she has the nerve to appear on breakfast television, crying about the injunction and stating that she has been thrown to the lions. Somebody needs to tell her that she did that to herself.  If her affair with a married footie player had been right - and it most certainly wasn't! - she wouldn't have been so secretive about it. Imogen is a beautiful lady who could have bagged a decent man if she had acted with more sense, but she acted foolishly by dating a married man...and today she continues to pay. I almost feel sorry for her; recently she tweeted "I just want to curl up and die",  which is quite understandable as dealing which such negative pressure is hard. Having said that, if she expects the whole nation to rally round her, she can think again. When she was sleeping with Ryan, did she at any point stop to think about Ryan's wife and kids? She has played the piper and the tune has been called - whether she likes it or not, she has to dance.
I have to say, Imogen is very lucky to have the support of her parents; if I had behaved like that, honestly, my father would have disowned me, and that's not a joke. Does she honestly think that she's the only girl to be chased by a married man? Years ago, I met a guy who claimed to be a Newcastle native, and even though he sounded more Peckham-ish than Geordie, I failed to realise that there was a possibility than he could have lied about other things because I was so stupidly naive. I once took the day off work to entertain him where I lived.  I cooked a scrumptious meal. I threw a tub of ice-cream into the freezer. I rented a DVD from Blockbuster. Then I waited. And waited. And called his phone, which was switched off. This was one of his many 'absenteeism's' I was forced to put up with. This was when it occurred to me that he could be seeing another unfortunate girl. My suspicions were confirmed when, a week later, a received an angry text from his wife, who warned me to be careful whose toes I was treading on. She needn't have bothered; I immediately replied, promising to chop his willy off if he ever came near me again - and believe me this was no empty threat because I would have used a knife to change him from a rooster to a hen! Speaking of his willy, I can happily confirm that he never used it on me because we were never intimate (Thank God!), but I was still really angry. Honest to God though, if I had known from the beginning that he was married, I would have told him to go to hell. Call me what you like, but I am not a home-wrecker. Imogen, however, knew that Ryan was married, but she still slept with him. Now that's one man who should be castrated!
Millions of boys all over the world look up to these Premier League football players (What exactly is so 'premier' about their bed-hopping league?) - is this the example they are setting for these kids? A few years ago, a pastor in my church complained that his little nephew would ignore his calls and even refused to acknowledge his uncle on one occasion, but continuously announced to anyone who cared to listen that Michael Essien is his real uncle. Michael Essien? This is a guy who generated numerous column inches thanks to his numerous affairs and drunk driving charges. Don't tell me that kids are too young to understand the bad side of his character, because these days kids know too much (I first knew that boys and girls are different when I went to the seaside when I was eight , ha ha!). And who are they learning from? Exactly, the role models. And one of them happens to be Ryan Giggs. I also blame the clubs - most of them try to shield their players from any grief the media may throw at them, not because they care about the players - and believe me they don't - they simply protect the players to protect the club. Who was Giggsy fooling when he enforced that injunction? As my mother says, there is no secret under the sun. While the injunction was only effective in the United Kingdom, the Irish press had a field day - no pun intended - printing his name, and several people in the UK have access to continental papers, so Ryan was simply wasting his time, and it was just a matter of time before he was exposed. Come to think of it, it didn't take much time. Serves him right.
And as if that isn't enough, new reports claim that Ryan had an affair with his brother Rhodri's wife. Is he for real? Ryan reminds me of the biblical rich guy who had loads of farm animals, but stole an adopted lamb from his poor neighbour which was promptly served to a hungry guest. Ryan had it all - talent, looks, money, and a beautiful family, but he clearly wasn't satisfied. In comparison, Rhodri ruined his chances of becoming a famous football player like his brother, but has since accepted the situation while living a moderate life with his own wife. What he didn't know was that Ryan had reportedly slept with his own wife as the most privileged Mrs. Giggs was celebrating the birth of her child. She is quite an attractive woman who doesn't seem to be caught up in that WAG rubbish; why wasn't she enough for her husband?
And he still has the nerve to say "What the f*** [you] going on about? This has been the worst [two] weeks of my life!!!" Well trust me Mr. Giggs, it's about to get even worse; just ask Tiger Woods.
Ryan & Imogen are a disgrace. And they deserve absolutely no sympathy. Because if you play with fire, you get burnt!

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