Thursday, 11 August 2011

Yep...I'm Back!

Yes, I've been away for over a month now because I've been really busy. But so much has happened since my last entry. The massacre in Norway. Amy Winehouse's death. Me graduating. That's right, I'm now Jemma Bond, BA (Hons)! Unfortunately, due to the uncooperative nature of my personal tutor, I was refused a reference, and as a result I have to wait one whole bloody year before starting the teacher training course. Until then, I have no idea what I'd do for work. As for this blog, this is one of the finals entries made from Roehampton University, which I will miss.

In a way I was depressed because this blog does not have that many readers...and I only have two followers - including myself. At least the Danes took the time to read my DK X Factor reviews, but my fellows Brits didn't care about my Britain's Got Talent entries (a prophet is never welcome is his hometown...not that I'm a prophet, mind!). But what the heck, as longer as I write and pour out my feelings, am I bothered? Whatever happens, I'll continue to write. And as I move onto a different phrase of my life, the stories are sure to get more interesting.

Thanks to all those who care.

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Tony Giles said...

Congratulations on the degree! Pity about your tutor not giving you a reference (and that's my polite response).

BTW - chances are you do have more than 2 followers - I know of at least three people who follow me who don't show up on the list.